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Thesis On Efl Using Spss

Data from pre- and post-semester surveys were analysed using SPSS,. Thesis. Publication details. The research indicated that teaching EFL using a metacognitive. Approach on EFL Learners Academic Writing Fluency. Using SPSS 16,. 1- What is the impact of peer scaffolding through process approach on writing fluency of.

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The Impact of Formative Assessment on EFL

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Facilitating EFL learners' self-regulation in reading

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Thesis on efl writing, An Investigation into the English Language. Writing Strategies Used by Polish EFL. Integrating Foreign Languages into Academic English Writing. Thesis On Efl Writing. motivations for studying English. The questionnaire data was analyzed using SPSS version 21. The findings of the study showed that EFL Libyan students were highly instrumentally and integratively motivated to study English, and their integrative motivation appeared to be a little higher than their instrumental motivation.

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